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Guinness Cap

What’s up world! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Alex and I am one half (the better one) of the duo that makes up the Pi Room.

This is my first blog and my first post, so to kick it off I’m going to write a little about one of my favorite past times, cycling. I’m on the cycling team at Columbia and keeping fit is one of my top priorities. This however conflicts with one of my other top priorities…beer drinking. That was at least until I found some interesting articles over at

Beer!?! Cheers!!


Good For What Ales You

Both of these articles cite not only the ability, but the benefits of drinking a brew. Now this doesn’t mean I can keep up my usual weekend habits during the spring season, but it does mean I can kick back and really relax, beer in hand every once and while and not worry about it affecting my abilities.


I’m watching Gone in Sixty Seconds. Nicolas Cage talks real nasal.

This is gonna be Sweet